ESL Teachers

Welcome to the Jefferson ELL page. Here you will find helpful links to information about our program, teachers, and resources to help support your students' English development.

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These are the ELL teachers supporting Jefferson students this year!

English Greetings
Adult EL Class

Learn English by practicing with other Jefferson parents.  Each class will begin with a lesson by a Jefferson English teacher.  It’s open to people who don’t know much English as well as people who already know some English.  We will also have classes with a guest speaker who will give tips about living in Minnesota.

Aprende Inglés practicando con otros padres de Jefferson.  Cada clase comenzará con una enseñanza de una maestra de Inglés de Jefferson.  Está abierto a todos, no importa si sabes mucho inglés o pocito.  También, unos clases tendrán una maestra visitante quien compartirá consejos sobre viviendo en Minnesota.