Kirsten Ragatz

Welcome to High Five! I'm the English-language High Five teacher, and I love working with preschoolers.

I majored in History at Smith College, and then went to Boston University for a master's degree in Early Childhood Education. I spent two years working in daycare, and then moved to the Minneapolis Public Schools. I taught kindergarten in north Minneapolis schools for several years before moving to Jefferson to teach High Five.

My sons are both in college, one near Chicago, and one near Boston. (The one in Boston is majoring in early childhood education so he can be a preschool teacher like me!) I live in Uptown with my husband Tom, who is a lawyer for Ramsey County. I have lived in Indonesia, Wisconsin, California, Massachusetts, Japan, and Washington, DC. I used to know how to speak Indonesian, French, and Japanese, but somehow managed to forget them all. My main hobby is reading, but I also love movies, walking the lakes, visiting family in California and DC, eating chocolate, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.