Jodi Dezale, MA CCC-SLP,   speech language pathologist


I have been with the Minneapolis Public Schools for 20 years, almost half of that time has been at Jefferson. I have specialized training in working with students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and providing comprehensive literacy instruction to students with special needs. My work days are very active supporting students from pre K to grade 8 in my room, in their classrooms, or sometimes throughout our neighborhood.


When I am not at school my library card and pool pass get a lot of use. I also spend time traveling, riding my bike, and working in my garden.


General info related to our services in case you want a blurb for before the bios


School based speech language pathology services help support students in the following areas:


Language services address understanding and production of communication. This may involve following directions, answering questions, and sharing information. Expression may be through spoken language, signs, gestures, symbols, pictures, or other communication forms.


Articulation services address students’ ability to produce the sounds of the language. Students will be assisted to acquire accurate production of targeted sounds from isolation to conversational levels of communication.


Fluency (stuttering) services provide students with supports to effectively communicate and decrease negative feelings and reactions to stuttering.


Voice services help students improve their voice quality and develop healthy speaking habits.


Students may have services only to address communication needs or in addition to other special education support services. If you have concerns about your child’s communication,  please contact  your child's classroom teacher.  The teacher and therapist will then discuss concerns with the grade-level team of teachers to determine if special classroom interventions should be put in place.  If classroom interventions do not result in significant improvement then the teacher will suggest that you meet with the special education team to decide if a formal speech and/or language evaluation is needed.  After the evaluation is completed you will meet with the team again to discuss the evaluation results.  Not all students who are evaluated qualify for services.  If your child does qualify to receive speech/language services the team (which includes you) will design an Individual Education Plan that addresses your child's specific needs.