Mr. Martinez k-12 ESL Teacher

Hola, my name is Victor Martinez. I am from Mexico. I came to Minnesota on December 1st, 1988. I have been married for 36 years. I have two daughters. I am a strong advocate of family values.

My educational background in the United States includes a Masters Degree in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota, a K-12 ESL licensure from Hamline University, and a K-12 School Principal licensure from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

I have 19 years of teaching experience in the USA. Fifteen years in Minneapolis Public Schools, one year in Community of Peace Academy Charter School, and three years in Saint Paul Public Schools. I have worked in K-8 and 9-12 school settings as a Bilingual-Math teacher and ESL teacher. I have been working at Jefferson Community School since 2008

My education, work experience, and own journey as an ELL person, together with my strong academic background in second language acquisition, are the basis of my expertise in order to promote, monitor, and evaluate both ELL best practices (curriculum and instruction) and programs (Bilingual Education, ESL, Context-Based ESL, and Two–Way Immersion).

I have enjoyed working in the multicultural environment that Minneapolis Public Schools district offers. I have learned how to be culturally sensitive in order to make connections and build relationships not only with students but also with teachers and parents of the Hispanic, Somali, and Hmong communities.

In my free time I like to spend all the time necessary to figure out how I can fulfill the needs of my students.

I believe that each student has the right of education in order to succeed in life.