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About Us

In 2002, education, business, government and civic leaders were inspired by the need to join forces in supporting public education and preparing students for a successful life after high school. They came together to form a strong and vibrant nonprofit organization: AchieveMpls.

As the nonprofit partner of the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), AchieveMpls serves as a bridge between MPS and our broader community – including businesses, foundations, nonprofits, government agencies and individuals – providing information and opportunities to engage as funders, volunteers, employers, advocates and advisers.

We manage career and college readiness programs, raise financial resources for strategic MPS initiatives, manage scholarship and school funds and engage our community in supporting and advocating for public education. We believe that helping our youth succeed is the best investment we can make in our city. Student success generates rich rewards in a more active and engaged citizenry, a higher skilled workforce for our knowledge-based economy and an increasingly just and compassionate urban community.

We live in a generous community that gives richly of its resources and shares our vision of success for all of our students. We invite you to learn how you can join us in creating a powerful legacy of opportunity, prosperity, fairness and abundance for our students and our city.


Our Mission

As the strategic nonprofit partner of the Minneapolis Public Schools, AchieveMpls mobilizes a wide web of community support to ensure academic achievement, equitable opportunities and career and college readiness for all students. We believe that preparing our young people to succeed in school, work and life is the best investment we can make in our city’s health and vitality.

Our Work

AchieveMpls focuses on three areas of work: preparing students for careers and college, engaging our community for student success, and supporting Minneapolis Public Schools strategic initiatives.

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MPS Partnership

AchieveMpls works closely with Minneapolis Public Schools to accomplish our shared goal of every student career and college ready. This strong collaboration enables us to dramatically improve outcomes for all young people in the district.

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Public Education Network (PEN)

AchieveMpls is a proud member of the Public Education Network (link), a national association of 77 local education funds and individuals working to advance public school reform in low-income communities across our country.

Our Impact

During the last seven years, significant progress has been made in improving outcomes for young people in the Minneapolis Public Schools and in the City of Minneapolis. While not alone in claiming this great progress, AchieveMpls is proud of the role we have played in improving outcomes for our youth.

Cover of AchieveMpls 2011 Annual Report

Annual Report 2011

Our new annual report honors our generous donors and features highlights of our collaborative work with Minneapolis Public Schools.


Meet our great Career & College Center Coordinators, STEP-UP Achieve team and administrative staff.

Board of Directors

AchieveMpls is directed by an outstanding board of corporate, education, nonprofit and philanthropic leaders.