Internet Safety Images
Animoto Code
This is the code to add to your Animoto account for 2018-2019.

Here are some images to use in your presentations. To copy the image open the file and then drag the image to your desktop or right-click (control+click) on the image and select "Save Image As" to save it to your documents folder.

Find more copyright-free Internet Safety images in this Google Drive folder. You will need to log in to access it. Click Here to link to the folder.

document Camera Image   --  Camera Image
document Privacy Image   --  Privacy Image
document Friendship Image   --  Friendship Image
document Email Symbol   --  Email symbol.
document Shh. Quiet.   --  Shh. Quiet.
document Bullying   --  bullying
document Cyberbullying Image   --  Cyberbullying Image
document Keyboard   --  Keyboard from a Mac computer
document Bullies image   --  Bullies image
document Security image   --  Security on a computer screen.
document Bully-free zone sign   --  Bully-free zone sign
document Internet Safety image.   --  Hand reaching through computer screen.
document Cell Phone   --  Cell phone in hand.
document Cell Phone icon 1   --  Cell phone image
document Cell Phone icon 2   --  Cell Phone image
document Cell Phone icon 3   --  Cell Phone image
document Keyboard   --  Black computer keyboard
document Keyboard   --  White computer keyboard.
document Computer icons   --  Various computer icons
document Laptop   --  Image of a laptop.
document Like icon   --  Thumbs-up Icon used to "like" something online.
document Troll   --  troll