Jefferson Middle School

Welcome to Jefferson Middle Grades
Middle School can be a time of many changes.  At Jefferson, we recognize the importance of adolescence and give each and every student the chance to develop their personal strengths.  Students at our school have the opportunity to be a role model and leader on athletic teams, student council, peer mediation, and in their own classroom.  Our advisory program guides students to know their learning styles better, explore their futures and appreciate differences around them.  The Morning Circle of Power and Respect encourages participation, develops communication skills and acknowledges every voice in the classroom.

Our middle grades program builds lasting relationships between students, parents and teachers that go beyond our three years together.  Each year, students have the chance to explore their skills in a very different environment such as environmental learning centers of Northern Minnesota or the Black Hills in South Dakota.  We take pride in former students that come back to visit showing report cards, asking for help on science projects, maintaining positive connections and even to help tutor after school. 

The educators at Jefferson Middle Grades are superior not only in nurturing your student, but also pushing your student to be a critical, independent thinker.  The staff your student will have is qualified not only with their required Middle Grades licensure, but also in important programs that enhance instruction for students with various learning styles and backgrounds.  We are a dedicated team that works for you and your student.  Our staff values our community: family nights, conferences and progress reports, phone calls and visits.

Jefferson is an excellent choice for your student from kindergarten through eighth grade.  Here, students strive for excellence in science and math, arts and humanities.  We meet individual needs as we see them, whether college-bound, new to the country or both.  As a Jefferson graduate, your student will go on to the very best high school programs, as so many have before.  If you would like to come and see for yourself the greatness of Jefferson, please call to visit and tour our school at (612) 668-2720.

Middle School Teachers

6th grade Beth Lescenski     Room 302     and     David Perry   Room 230
7-8th grade TBA
6th grade Yvette Turner
7th and 8th grade Alex Eckroth
6th grade Yvette Turner
7th and 8th grade Amy Lyga    Room 308
6th grade Beth Lescenski     Room 302       
7th and 8th grade Leif Carlson     Room 314
6-8th grade Kirstin Wymore     Room 303


7th grade, AVID Coordinator Jessica Larson

8th grade Alex Eckroth