1. Ambleweb Divider Machine - three levels are available [division with no remainder, use to practice multiplication facts]
  2. Ambleweb Times Table Tester - practice multiplication facts on one of three levels; Easier, Harder, or Megahard .
  3. Animal Legs - use repeated addition as a strategy to solve multiplication story problems
  4. Explore the Multiplication Table with Math Cats - an interactive hundreds chart
  5. Fact Families - learn about multiplication and division fact families
  6. Flash Cards - Enter the answers. Click on the yellow check mark at the bottom to keep score! You can also choose the number of problems by clicking on the arrows up and down by the 25 default.
  7. Ghost Blasters - Click on ghosts that are multiples of ten . Click as many times as you can, you can get multiple points on each ghost.
  8. Hotel 6 - use a pattern to solve multiplication problems
  9. Leon's Math Dojo - Select skill and level to play. Keeps score.
  10. Math Facts from Harcourt School - Multiplication and Division facts to 5, to 10, to 12. Verbal instructions are included and students can select timed or un timed. (30 facts)
  11. Nine Pattern - Students explore patterns while multiplying and dividing by 9.
  12. Rabbits - recall multiplication facts using a hundreds chart
  13. Spinning Wheels - learn multiplication facts
  14. Sum Sense (Multiplication) - Students practice single digit multiplication by dragging numbers to complete the sentence.
  15. Table Mountain - Climb the mountain by working multiplication facts.
  16. Table Trees - Pick your number to practice and get started!
  17. That Quiz -Timed quizzes, from easy to difficult.
  18. BBC Skills Wise Math Site
  19. What Number is Missing? - via Mathsframe. How quickly can you fill in the missing number? Only multiplication is free, but there are thirteen variations possible.