1. Arithmetic Four - (A game like Connect Four) A pair of students must answer arithmetic questions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to earn a piece to place on the board. Parameters: time limit, difficulty level, types of questions
  2. Addition Surprise - fill in sums in the addition grid to complete a surprise picture
  3. Ambleweb Addition Machine - select Level 1 to practice this spi
  4. Are You a Math Magician? - addition game
  5. Build a Bug - Answer these computations and build a bug! (mixed operations including some division)
  6. Checking Subtraction - Students explore the inverse relationship of addition and subtraction.
  7. Circus Fun - add up to three digits with regrouping
  8. Fill-in Equation - supply the missing number in subtraction equations
  9. Flash Cards - Do the sums. Click on the yellow check mark at the bottom to keep score! You can also choose the number of problems by clicking on the arrows up and down by the 25 default.
  10. Ghost Blasters II (addition practice) - (two players) Students must “blast” a pair of ghosts whose sum equals some number specified before the game begins. Sums from 5 to 99 can be set.
  11. Hidden Picture - the answer is given and you must select the problem to reveal a hidden picture. Good for a pair of students together
  12. Leon's Math Dojo - Select skill and level to play. Keeps score.
  13. Math Facts from Harcourt School - Addition sums to 10, 12, and 20
  14. Math Magician - select the operation and try your luck!
  15. Math Practice - from easy to advanced.
  16. Speed Grid: Addition - (level 1) Students answer the question set by clicking on two numbers that complete the sentence. You set the number of questions (2 to 99) and the time limit (1 to 10)
  17. Sum Fun - practice addition facts to 18
  18. Sum Sense (Addition) - Students practice single digit addition by dragging numbers to complete the sentence.
  19. That Quiz -Timed quizzes, from easy to difficult